VERDEMAX will exhibit at SPOGA GAFA

Journées des Collections 2018

VERDEMAX will exhibit at SPOGA GAFA

Verdemax presents: SUPREMA

Verdemax presents STANDY

Verdemax presents STELL JASMINE

Verdemax presents ORTOBIMBO

Journées des Collections 2017


Verdemax at Journées des Colletions 2016
Verdemax will not miss the chance to participate to present all 2016 news.
Try EASYORTO with rocket and chives with a strong and decided flavour, for a cool break in the kitchen. And taste the version mint and sage, scented and perfumed, with hundred uses and a thousand pleasures!
Verdemax presents Erbagatta
Cat nip contains similar pheromones of the cat that carries neuroactive activities in most of the specimens.Cuddle, tickle and stimulate your best four-legged friend with ERBA GATTA!
Verdemax presents ORTOLINO
You will find Ortolino from February in every garden centre
VERDEMAX will be present at the Garden Trade Fair SPOGA GAFA
Meet us from the 30th August until the 1st September, new edition of Garden Trade Fair Spoga+Gafa in Koln, meeting point for garden sector.
Extraordinary numbers: Verdemax at Eima 2014
More than 235.000 visitors attended the 41° Eima edition.
Verdemax at EIMA 2014
Verdemax is pleased to announce its participation at EIMA 2014
Verdemax new Floral Garden Tools
With our new floral garden tools, spring is blooming in your hands!