Verdemax presents: SUPREMA

The new "Suprema" backpack pump is the ideal product for the care of gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens.

With a capacity of 16 liters, Supreme combines ease of handling and comfort thanks to the adjustable straps and soft backrest, which allows optimal posture for the back and the body.
The fiberglass launcher and the four headbuds provide a wide range of uses: for low or large plant treatments, for fertilization of localized or large areas.

The lithium battery recharges quickly and guarantees a 4-5 hours duration. The practical battery indicator and access knob with power regulator, allows you to control the quality of the jet.

Indispensable for garden care, the backpack pump makes it easier for any pest control or pesticide treatment needed in the garden to fight aphids and harmful insects for plants and fruits.